Private Client Services Reilly, Fisher & Solomon Investment Advisors Inc. is a registered investment advisor with the State of Florida with over $75 million under advisement.

Private Client Services

Our mission is to provide the highest quality tax, planning, and investment advice to individuals with a commitment to outstanding client service. We are independent advisors, and do not sell products, execute trades, or manage or take custody of assets. Our Personal Financial Planning (PFP) and Investment Advisory Services (IAS) practices are driven by hourly fees and asset-based fees, not by commission streams or by referral fees. We are independent economically of the advice we render. Therefore, we can offer you and your family a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of your financial needs and investment strategies based upon your specific circumstances. Getting the best results for our clients is our only motivation.

Our PFP practice is based upon the belief that each person’s financial affairs and objectives are unique and require customized planning solutions. Our process considers many aspects with an ultimate goal of providing you with a comprehensive assessment of your current and future financial picture.

Areas evaluated include:

  • Cash flow needs and debt management
  • Risk management—analysis of coverage and products
  • Investment planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate and survivor planning
  • Education funding strategies
  • Charitable planning

Investment Advisory Services:

Our IAS enable you to take a holistic approach to investing, so that all aspects of your investment plan work toward achieving your financial objectives. We can help you to understand the factors that drive your investment results and make objective and strategic decisions regarding your financial future.

Our services include:

  • Helping to develop an appropriate asset allocation strategy to achieve your goals
  • Designing an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that reflects your current financial situation, long term needs, and risk tolerance
  • Superior investment-related tax advice
  • Assessing the ongoing performance of each aspect of your investment portfolio based upon your objectives and relevant benchmarks
  • Assisting on the selection of mutual funds and/or separate account managers focused on after-tax results and often at reduced minimums and management fees

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